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Prepared Microscope Slide, Cork SectionPrepared Microscope Slide, Cork Section
Centrifuge Tube, 15 ml, PP (pack of 50)Centrifuge Tube, 15 ml, PP (pack of 50)
Solar System Model
Lens, Semicircular
Lab CoatLab Coat
lablearner.com Lab Coat
From $20
In stock
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Photosynthesis - Teacher Manual
Acrylic Cylinder, Transparent (each)
Weight/Mass - 200 g (Brass)
Weight/Mass - 100 g (Brass)
Weight/Mass - 50 g (Brass)
Weight/Mass - 20 g (Brass)
Weight/Mass - 10 g (Brass)
Centrifuge Tube, 50 ml, PP (pack of 50)
Inflatable Solar System (ages 4-9)Inflatable Solar System (ages 4-9)
Giant Magnetic Solar System (ages 4-9)Giant Magnetic Solar System (ages 4-9)
Smart Snacks® Number Pops™ (ages 1.5+)Smart Snacks® Number Pops™ (ages 1.5+)
Spectrophotometer, Cuvettes (Box of 12)Spectrophotometer, Cuvettes (Box of 12)
Light Meter, Dual-Scale with Analog OutputLight Meter, Dual-Scale with Analog Output
Microscope Slide Storage BoxMicroscope Slide Storage Box

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The Logic of Hands-On Science Instruction

The Logic of Hands-On Science Instruction

Dr. Keith Verner
Developmental Considerations in Science Education

Developmental Considerations in Science Education

CloudSearch Collaborator
Our Senses and Observation

Our Senses and Observation

Dr. Keith Verner


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"Our school loves its LabLearner STEM Lab. From our 3 year old in Jr. PreK to our 8th graders, the students look forward to their time in the lab. The teachers love the layout of the workbooks. Material is presented in a very easy to follow, logical manner. The students are well prepared intellectually for the discovery part of the lesson in the lab."

--Kathy Buscemi, Principal

"When I see how engaged the students are in the lab, it reminds me of why I went into teaching!"

--Margaret Tyndall, Principal

"Has LabLearner changed my way of teaching? Yes, it definitely has! My students are always questioning and seeking answers which the experiments help provide. They are starting to think outside the box. What if I change this or tweak that? What will happen? They are becoming true scientists!"

--Geralyn Arcieri, Teacher