Solar System Model

Solar System Model

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This three-dimensional model allows students to study our solar system.  Planets can be set by month to show their relative positions.  

  • Illustrated study guide included
  • 5.9" Sun with labeled month positions.
  • Superb detail
  • Painted to highlight parts and regions

Cognitive Considerations:

  • Nobody wants a skeleton model that falls apart through the years. Tried and tested in our LabLearner labs, this unit will hold up over time.
  • Scientific Concepts:
    • Observation & Comparison
    • Models & Representation
    • Using & Making Models
    • Weather Changes
    • Our Solar System
    • The Sun & Your Skin
    • Earth & Space Journey
    • Space
  • Conceptual Themes:
    • Systems
    • Cycles
    • Properties of Matter
    • Energy
  • Suitable for students from PK+ with adult supervision. This is the same quality solar system model included in the LabLearner hands-on system.