Lens, Semicircular

Lens, Semicircular

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A 90x25mm acrylic semicircular block for light refraction and geometrical optics experiments. Great for studying the properties of light and refraction in a hands-on and visually effective manner.

  • 90x25 mm acrylic semicircular block
  • Polished sides
  • Durable acrylic for classroom use
  • Works well with a low power monochromatic light source

Cognitive Considerations:

  • Develops the conceptual AND motor skills required for introduction to light & optics.
  • Scientific Concepts:
    • Light & Optics
  • Conceptual Themes:
    • Systems
    • Concentration
    • Cycles
    • Properties of Matter
    • Changes & Reactions
    • Structure & Function
  • Suitable for students from grade 6+ with adult supervision. This is the same quality semicircular lens included in the LabLearner hands-on system.