Lens, Double Concave

Lens, Double Concave

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The double concave glass lens with 75 mm diameter and 200 mm focal length is ideal for use in studying optics. The highly polished glass with ground edges and optically worked glass is a great tool for studying the properties of light in a hands-on and visually effective manner.

  • Highly polished glass lens
  • Double Concave
  • 200 mm focal length
  • 75 mm diameter
  • Ground edges, for safe handling

Cognitive Considerations:

  • Develops the conceptual AND motor skills required for introduction to microscopy and magnification.
  • Scientific Concepts:
    • Observation & Comparison
    • Beginning Explorations
    • Making & Recording Observations
    • Our Senses
    • Microscopes & Magnification
    • Light & Optics
  • Conceptual Themes:
    • Systems
    • Concentration
    • Cycles
    • Properties of Matter
    • Changes & Reactions
    • Structure & Function
  • Suitable for students from grade 2+ with adult supervision. This is the same quality concave lens included in the LabLearner hands-on system.